Stuart Golland and Tony Allen in Free Milk and Orange Juice

Rough Theatre Archive

Rough Theatre was a 1970s fringe theatre company (1973 – 1979) noted for its blend of comedy and radical politics (anarchist – naughty tendency).

Rough Theatre was formed early in 1974 by John Miles and Tony Allen who had met in the Summer of 73 working in West London Theatre Workshop’s Adventure playground kids show Badman Rides Again. They shared a spiky adult sense of humour, happy to attack the bureaucratic and humourless left and the bigoted and compassionless right. Squat Now While Stocks Last (the street play of the Graffiti) was their first play and was a tidied up version of a noisy ironic sketch - Story of a Poor Landlord written for WLTW and which grew out of the group's penchant for all-singing all-dancing slogan-chanting clowning cum oompah band style of larky behaviour they favoured on political demonstrations.